Color: very intense ruby red with violet reflections.

Flavour: enveloping and round, with fruity notes of blackberry and raspberry and light spicy hints of vanilla.

Taste: intense, pleasantly enveloping the palate, with a persistent and harmonious taste of great elegance.

Technical notes

Yield: 50 q / ha
Alcohol content: 14 °
Aging: 9/10 months in used oak tonneaux and at least 2/3 months in the bottle.


Temperature: 14 ° – 16 ° C
Pairings: excellent with the hunchbacks (agnolotti) and with all the hearty first courses, with red meat and game.


Merum in Latin “pure wine” seemed to us the perfect name for this wine, suitable for depicting both today’s qualitative characteristics and the historical elite role it played among the wine productions of our rural tradition.

This red wine obtained from a particular purple grape vine, native to the Oltregiogo area, known for centuries with the dialectal term “Nibiö” and already mentioned in some manuscripts dating back to the time of the Republic of Genoa.

This ancient vine appeared in the mercurial of the grapes of the city of Novi Ligure already in the nineteenth century, resulting in the best grapes and the highest prices on the market.

Almost totally supplanted in recent decades to the detriment of quantitatively more profitable varieties, it has recently been rediscovered and re-evaluated among excellent productions as it is highly structured and suitable for aging.